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Proceedings on the Final event - December 2011

- Brief presentation of the CityMobil project - Mr Jan van Dijke, TNO

- CityMobil results - Mr Francesco Filippi, DITS

- Experiences from the Heathrow Podcar - Mr Martin Lowson, ATS

- Experiences from the La Rochelle Cybercar - Mr Fawzi Nashashibi, INRIA

- Experiences from Masdar PRT and Parkshuttle - Mr Robbert Lohman, 2getthere

- Final Brochure 

Proceedings on the Conference - May 2011

- General conference brochure

- The VisLab Intercontinental Autonomous Challenge - dr Alberto Broggi, University of Parma

- Making automated transport systems wanted by citizens, the last hurdle? - mr Eric Ponthieu, EU

- The CityMobil project - mr Jan van Dijke, TNO

- The role of automated transport in the mobility of the future - mr Tony May, ITS Leeds

- Opportunities and barriers to the introduction of automated transport - mr Adriano Alessandrini, DITS

- The La Rochelle Cybercar demonstration - mr Michel Parent, INRIA

Experiences from success stories - what can we learn from existing systems?

- Heathrow Personal Rapis Transit, mr Martin Lowson, ATS Ltd.

- Masdar Personal Rapid Transit, mr Robbert Lohmann, 2getthere

- Rivium, mr Robbert Lohmann, 2getthere

- Castellon Hi-Tech Bus, ms Alma Solar, ETRA

New plans and projects

- Rome, mr Gabriele Giustiniani, ITR

- Uppsala, mr Tom Karlsson, City of Uppsala

- Trondheim, mr Birger Elvestad, City of Trondheim

- Vantaa, mr Gilbert Koskela, City of Vantaa

CityMobil results

- Advanced city cars, mr Gianfranco Burzio, CRF

- City Application manual, mr Tony May, ITS Leeds

- Business case tool, mr David Jeffry, Southampton University

- Certification, mr Jan van Dijke, TNO

- Operational issues, ms Alma Solar, ETRA


- EU transport research priorities and funding in the future, mr Patrick Mercier-Handisyde, EU

- EIB financing clean urban transport: ELENA and JESSICA, ms Leonaor Berriochoa, European Investment Bank