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PRT system at Heathrow, UK

Masdar City


Masdar City (Abu Dahbi) will be carbon free

If Our Cities Could Fly - An artist invents our future (1). If Our Cities could fly

In "if our cities could fly", three forward thinkers explore original scenarios for the future: a scientist inspired by science-fiction, an urban planner who likes playing with toy cars and an artist inventing new utopias.



If Our Cities Could Fly - An inspired urban planner (2)



If Our Cities Could Fly - A visionaly researcher (3)



If Our Cities Could Fly - Another mobility(4)



If Our Cities Could Fly - A model city (5)



If Our Cities Could Fly - Anymore need to drive (6)



If Our Cities Could Fly - Everything is possible (7)



If Our Cities Could Fly - Towards the future (8)

Citymobil movies



3-minute introduction to ULTra Personal Rapid Transit



Movie on EuroNews on CityMobil



4 februari 2010: The clip explains the need and service of an individual automated vehicle.



Future vehicles without any driver, presented by Inria in CityMobil. Showed at Fêtes des Transports 2007 in Paris



23 januari 2008: Speaker : Damien Sallé This video illustrates some the features of the software from Robosoft, in the field of Cybernetics Transport Systems (CTS) for the automatic transport of people by driverless fully autonomous vehicles (also called Cybercars). These developments have been co-funded by the European Commission in the scope of the CityMobil and CyberCars2 projects. This video has been presented during a CityMobil Technical meeting in January 2008. It shows 3 robuCAB and one Cycab (vehicles manufactured by Robosoft) in a urban city simulated environment. It illustrates the fleet management supervision, some control algorithms for the robots (manual control, trajectory following, obstacle detection, platooning), as well as some useful GUI to control such a fleet of robotized vehicles Thanks to robuBOX (based on Microsoft's Robotics Studio), it is really easy to deploy these behaviors on real robots using the exact same algorithms and services after they have been validated on simulated robots.



19 februari 2010: The mobility is probably one of the most important challenges in the modern societies. Every day population increases and cities are growing more and more. Many factors affect directly to urban transports, different types of vehicles, parking areas, traffic jam, congestions, accidents and environmental problems. In order to reduce this negative aspects arise the Citymobil project with a new urban transport initiative. Citymobil project, part-financed by the Sixth Framework Program, is an innovative response to all the challenges mentioned before, the result of the examination of the problems is the result of a new point of view for urban mobility, which emphasis the investigation and development of new manners of transport. Definitively it supposes a paradigm shift in the field of urban transport.



31 augustus 2009: INRIA Cybercars in Trondheim using lidar SLAM based localization and new IPV6 communication box CITYMOBIL EU project




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