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The city of Lausanne has been involved for many years in Research and Development of new transportation systems (Serpentine and Swissmetro are the most famous examples). It has recently developed a project of a full automated system linking the ferry, metro and bus terminal, along the lake of Geneva. The opportunity presented itself to demonstrate and experiment a new technology of full automated transport system in a protected site being in the west suburbs of Lausanne as part of the Citymobil project.

The main objective is the implementation of an automatic electric transport system connecting the different parts of the campus and using a new contract-free loading station.

The transport system will use a brand new electronic power transmission without contact, positioned at the stations. Between each station, the vehicle is moving automatically, accordin to preset and secrure trajectrory , using stored energy on super-capacitors.

The four wheel vehicle presents a capacity of 10 passengers including 4 seats and its spreed vraries between 10 and 15 km/hh, unnamed, therefore guided by an entirely automatic system.