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There are three major demonstrations within the CityMobil project the Rome CTS (Cybernetic Transport System) is explained below. However, unfortunately this demonstration was not completed as planned. More information can be found in the final brochure.

Rome CTS (Cybernetic Transport System)

Rome is building a new exhibition centre to replace the old one. The old one is inside Rome with big parking problems no public transport. 
It will be located in the direction of Fiumicino airport on the west side of the city 3 km outside of the outer ring road and 16 km away from the city centre, along the airport highway and railway link.
The area where the new exhibition is being built is on the lower side of the airport highway and railway link and it, whereas the new building for the Rome exhibition centre is Around a 1.5 km long central corridor, each block represents an exhibition stand of 72 by 12 metres each.

In front of the building, there is a car-park with about 2500 car-slots. The building can be reached not only with the private car, but also with the train by using the railway from Fiumicino Airport to Rome (FM1). The distance between the railway station and the nearest building entrance is about 500 metres.
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The system

With respect to the initial design, the car-park in front of the building has been re-designed in order that a "Cybercar" network can be built inside it. Its aim is to pick-up the visitors once they have parked their private cars and to bring them to the building entrance. On the return trip a "Cybercar" drives them to their car-slots.

The main features of the new system car-park - "Cybercar" network are:
  • A "car corridor" around the car-park to allow car owners to reach the slots, which they have been addressed at the car-park entrance gate;
  • A central "Cybercar corridor" from the left to the right with five vertical joined corridors to serve all the car-park;
  • Car-slots for impaired mobility people cars near the entrance of the building.

  • In this configuration the "Cybercar" is segregated and
  • the maximum allowed speed is 30 km/h
  • The total length of the "Cybercar" network is 2.2 km.
  • 20-place "Cybercar" vehicles to serve the visitors.
Robosoft vehicle