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Subproject 4: Operational issues

This subproject will extend the current requirements, strategies and policies to the new advanced urban transport systems that Citymobil studies. The challenge will be not only to achieve a LOS (Level Of Service) comparable to the one proposed by the current transport modes, but also to improve it. Furthermore, new systems will demand new solutions and new scenarios will demand new strategies that will have to be developed within this subproject.

The aim is to identify the eleements and the required organisational arrangements of advanced urban transport systems in order to achieve the goals which include

  • Improved transport efficiency
  • Less congesion
  • Improved environment
  • Etc.

Hence, methods and tools from infrastructure planning to real time fleet management are involved in the operational maangement of the new transport systmes proposed by Citymobil.

Within this subproject a set of prototypes will be developed. These prototypes will act as a proof of concept to validate the work done in WP4.3 and, if possible, they will be tested in the context of Citymobil either in a Demonstrator or in a show case or small demo.

To develop these prototypes some of the activities and resources have been transferred from SP1 to SP4. These activities are transferred to SP4 as RTD activities which implies that the developed prototypes are going to be tested in a show case or small demo instead remaining installed in a city after the trials.

End users
The end users of sub-project four will be the public transport operators, cities and regional administrations in charge of the management of public transport networks and traffic. Decision makers will have the opportunity to study and make use of the key results in this sub-project in order to enhance traffic and transport plans in a city or urban areas. Additionally, the citizens will benefit from the customisation of services tackled in the sub-project.

State of the Art
Sub-project four will based its research in the results of previous project, as CYBERCARS, EDICT, CYBERMOVE or STARDUST. Particularly important will be the results and conclusion from CYBERMOVE, which main objective was to improve the attractiveness and quality of life in u by reducing the use and the parking needs of traditional cars. A comprehensive list of the state of the art from current/previous projects and links with ongoing projects  can be found in Section 1 of this document

Work Packages
Sub-project 4 consists of 5 work packages:

  • WP 4.1: Operational management
  • WP 4.2: Architecture and information flow
  • WP 4.3: Service customisation
  • WP 4.4: Traffic management strategies
  • WP 4.5: Integrating advanced transport in an existing structure