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About Citymobil


Citymobil will achieve a more effective organisation of urban transport. This will result in a more rational use of motorised traffic resulting in:

  • less congestion and pollution;
  • safer driving;
  • higher quality of living
  • enhanced integration with spatial development.

Most objectives were reached at the end of the project in December 2011.

Approach towards new mobility solutions
The problems of mobility in cities are clear. However, the possible solutions are still in their infancy. A shift from the private automobile to a multi-modal approach is the preferred trend. Here we can think about buses, trains, metros and other individual tranport modes or a combination of these. We must recoginise the need for both high speed scheduled mass transport as well as individualised on-demand short distance transport. This is why we have to test and evaluate new solutions based on advanced city vehicles. At the end of the project, we will have a better understanding of the capabilities of new technologies and what the expected gains can be. There will be proposals for certification of advanced transport systems on a European level. Tools will have been created to disseminite the project results.


ULTra PRT system at Heathrow Airport
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