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Pictures of the Uppsala event 2 October 2007, a joined Podcar and CITYMOBIL event

The PODCAR city was an initiative by the Institute for Sustainable Transportation (IST) in co-operation with the Uppsala Municipitality and Swedish rail, to summon major parties, impacted by today's transportation issues at all levels. The aim was to have an open and creative debate on what PODCAR (PRT) is, what the vendors claim to be possible, what the communities are looking for and what critics and supporters argue about. The conference held several seminars and work programs. The main theme was how PODCAR can contribute to sustainable cities and regions.
During this week also a couple of CityMobil meetings was held in Uppsala, one of them being the CityMobil General Assembly meeting, to provide to the CityMobil partners the opportunity to participate in the PODCAR event. Also, Jan van Dijke, being the project manager of CityMobil, was one of the key note speakers during this event. Besides, a PRT supplier called Vectus, offered the possibility of visiting the Vectus test track in Uppsala. The pictures below show a part of the CityMobil audience visiting the test track.

The station with platform of the test track Vectus PRT vehicle on the track The entrance to the PRT station and platform
Vectus PRT vehicle on the track Some explanation about the system A glimpse in the interior of the cabin, standing outside
Sitting inside with a control panel in front of the seats A speeding cabin from behind 2 m above ground level Part of the CityMobil audience heading for the test track
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Click the thumbnails to enlarge

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